About Me

I started developing an online business in 1996, right at the forefront of the development of the modern day Internet. Originating from a background in financial services I went to work with a national motoring Association and led the development of their online business enabling the sale of financial services and membership products online. At the successful completion of that project I moved to a national energy utility and once again helped to set up their online business laying the foundation for the sale and servicing of their complete product line to their customer base in the United Kingdom.

Major corporates are not the ideal environment to implement and exploit the rapidly developing opportunities which arise online so the natural next step for me was to set up my own Internet marketing business which I continue to run to this day. The goal of this business is to work with smaller and local businesses to help them be more successful online. I like to partner with local businesses giving them access to my knowledge relating to the very latest online marketing techniques and helping them increase their profits and acquire additional customers.

What qualifies me to share my knowledge with you?

  • I have experience of the rigour that is required to implement online activities and create propositions designed to serve millions of customers on a national scale
  • I understand the speed that is required to implement online processes to benefit small businesses and help them improve their profitability targeting local customers
  • I run a profitable company and have invested over £0.5 million in online advertising to successfully acquire customers and sell products working with other businesses
  • I have a thirst for knowledge, enjoying learning new things and sharing what is effective with people who are willing to learn and take action
  • I have a unique background covering business management, online development and customer marketing putting me in a very strong position to take advantage of online marketing opportunities and to be able to communicate these opportunities to business entrepreneurs

I strive to make my courses very easy to follow and recognise that they have to be excellent value for all my students who come from a variety of backgrounds. If you want to be come successful online I encourage you to consider taking my courses and hope that, if you become a student, you become successful through implementing the strategies and techniques you will learn via my tutorials.

I do charge considerable sums to larger companies when they need my advise to continue to develop online. For just a small fraction of this price you can gain access to the same quality information through my courses and gain equal valuable insight and benefit through implementing the knowledge you will gain.